Bonta Bonta at Japan Food Town (Orchard)

Bonta Bonta is one of the 16 Japanese restaurants opened in Japan Food Town. These restaurants are specially handpicked and give you the most authentic Japanese cuisine straight from Japan. Japanese Food Town claimed to serve Kinme Mai rice that […]

Shi Mei Hainanese Chicken Rice at Bukit Gombak

Shi Mei Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken rice is one of our nation’s treasures and my love for chicken rice is not comparable. I could have chicken rice for lunch everyday, why not? The question is, who serves the best chicken rice in Singapore? This […]

Baker & Cook at Swan Lake

Baker & Cook

Baker & Cook at Swam Lake, a most discreet estate. Surprisingly, there is a couple of cafes and restaurants along this stretch of terrace houses. One of them is Slake that I recently posted. I knew this place was quiet […]