Baker & Cook at Swan Lake

August 14, 2016

Baker & Cook at Swam Lake, a most discreet estate. Surprisingly, there is a couple of cafes and restaurants along this stretch of terrace houses. One of them is Slake that I recently posted.

I knew this place was quiet and peaceful so I revisited Swam Lake for Baker & Cook before I begin my day with sea breeze and sunny day out at East Coast Park.

Baker & Cook

Upon entrance of Baker & Cook, I saw all kind of pastries because they look delicious and how vibrant in colour. There is different choice of breads and their croissant certainly looks good and delicious too.

Baker & Cook

Baker & Cook

Baker & Cook served 3 unique sauces that you can try it out.

Baker & Cook

Pecan Tart ($5.50) served with sweet cinnamon coating and soft-crunch pecans. The tart is about 3 inches with nicely baked crust. Level of sweetness is acceptable for me.

Baker & Cook

There are more tarts and pastries you can try but nothing beats the ambient together with a plate of delicious tart!

Baker & Cook

Egg Benedict with Bacon ($17) served with crispy bacon strips and garnished with balsamic glaze and chili oil. Egg Benedict is sure pick for all day breakfast. The best egg Benedict comes with well-poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Baker & Cook did it well! It simply like no other cafes style but with everything that was mixed together, it’s satisfying!

Baker & Cook

Smoked Ham Quiché Slice ($10.50) served with a side. Indulge this awesome ham Quiche served with Swiss smoke ham and cheddar cheese. There are many sides you can choose from but the side I picked caught my attention. It’s call the Raw Energy packed with high fiber ingredients like beetroot, carrots, raisins, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds in Maple vinaigrette.

Baker & Cook

Mochaccino ($5.50) all day breakfast or high tea never go wrong with a cup of coffee!

Baker & Cook

Banana Man ($9) served with banana, mango, pineapple, yoghurt, vanilla and milk. It’s filling just to have this smoothie and of course I didn’t saw the price until the payment! But it does taste good!

Baker & Cook

Baker & Cook at Swan Lake service was friendly and this place itself is quiet during peak hours. I enjoyed the quiet ambient just for a meal. I’m not a book person but this place sure does suit someone who loves spending their afternoon reading and indulging good pastries! Baker & Cook have 3 outlets now but I pretty sure none of them beats this place. If you’re on a look out for a quiet getaway from busy streets, here is where you will want to go.

This post is strictly not sponsored but based on personal preference.

Operating hours:

7.30 AM to 10.00 PM

Contact Number:

6445 2088


1 Swan Lake Avenue, Opera Estate, 455700

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