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    Kin Moo at Tan Quee Lan (Bugis)

    March 25, 2017

    When you have no idea what to have for dinner, you will start looking around for anything that satisfies your tummy. While looking for a dinner we found Kin Moo at the end of Tan Quee Lan Street. We were the last customers for the day and the reason we choose to dine at Kin Moo is their menu and price. Also, this is a Thai boat noodle shop that we did not come across before.

    Kin Moo

    We picked one of their recommendations, BaaMee Haeng Tom Yum (Tom Yum Noodle Dry) $7.50. This tom yum noodle served with pig organs, generous amount of pork lard, minced pork, peanuts, garlic skin, dried shrimp and tom yum paste. It has a lot of ingredients! Too much that it elevates the saltiness. Authentic Thai noodle is flavourful and spicy enough, this tom yum noodle might have adjusted to local liking.

    Kin Moo

    I had my eyes on this Khaw Kha Moo (Thai braised pork knuckle with rice) $7.90 because I missed those authentic pork knuckle rice in Bangkok. This pork knuckle is better than their noodle. Although there is more fatty skin but the knuckle is nicely braised. The chilli served is not so spicy and it covered away the fatness of the meat. I am glad I picked the right one!

    Kin Moo

    Other than that we had Pik Gai Thod (deep fried chicken wings) $7.90 which is also their recommendation. The chicken wings are served hot and is nicely fried with a pleasant fragrance. Not bad for these wings! Phad Phak Boong Fi Daeng (kang kong fried with dao cheo) $6 looks appealing but it is salty for me. For drink, we ordered the Num Ta Kai Yen (Thai iced lemongrass tea) $2.80 with a zesty lemongrass taste, on a side note it is a little sweet for me.


    Overall, this place is clean and nothing special about the decoration but simplicity at its best. The staffs are friendly and recommended us some of their recommendations. I will definitely visit this place again hoping that the food here will taste less saltiness. If you are looking for something light along the gourmet Bugis street, I will suggest this.

    This post is strictly not sponsored but based on personal preference. Photos taken with HUAWEI Mate 9.

    Operating hours:

    11.30 AM to 3 PM, 5.30 PM to 10 PM

    Contact Number:

    +65 9767 7784




    2 Tan Quee Lan Street #01-02 Singapore 188091

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